Seminar Title: Non-imaging optics for LEDs lighting

7/29/2019 3:45 AM


Seminar Title: Non-imaging optics for LEDs lighting

Speaker: Prof Seoyong Shin

Date & Time: 9:30-11:30 am July 31, 2019

Location: PHENIKAA University, Room B101, To Huu Street, Hanoi

Abstract:  We present a linear Fresnel lens design for light-emitting diode (LED) uniform illumination applications. The LED source is an array of LEDs. An array of collimating lens is applied to collimate output from the LED array. Two linear Fresnel lenses are used to redistribute the collimated beam along two dimensions in the illumination area. Collimating lens and linear Fresnel lens surfaces are calculated by geometrical optics and nonimaging optics. The collimated beam output from the collimating lens array is divided into many fragments. Each fragment is refracted by a segment of Fresnel lens and distributed over the illumination area, so that the total beam can be distributed to the illumination target uniformly. The simulation results show that this design has a compact structure, high optical efficiency of 82% and good uniformity of 76.9%. Some consideration of the energy savings and optical performance are discussed by comparison with other typical light sources. The results show that our proposed LED lighting system can reduce energy consumption five-times in comparison to using a conventional fluorescent lamp. Our research is a strong candidate for low cost, energy savings for indoor and outdoor lighting applications.

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Brief Biography:

Professor Seoyong Shin. He has been in the Department of Information and Communication Engineering at Myongji University since 1994. He has been doing the research funded by NRF for more than 20 years. The projects include ERC project led by GIST for nine years, several basic research projects for two to three years each. The fact that the major research projects he has been done so far are funded by NRF represents his ability of performing academic researches. He started research in the field of optical communication, especially optical active functional modules including wavelength converter, optical buffers for WDM network, and dynamically gain-controlled EDFA for WDM networks. His research has moved on to solar energy related topics since 2007 where he can apply his prepared knowledge of optics and optical fibers. His main interested topics are optical fiber based daylighting system and concentrator photovoltaic systems. In industry side, he has been working as a CTO of IT-venture company, Comminet Inc. since 2001. He has also done several industry-cooperative researches with Korean companies.

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Dr Seoyong shin


Department of Information and Communication Engineering

Myongji University

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